Steven presents (With LM Cooke) the GASP web-radio show through Blast 1386 every Thursday evening between 8 & 11pm, repeated on Saturday 7-10am.


Sorrow Works, a collection of poems in audio form, also with photos courtesy of Steven. 

Raising Steam, a compilation of 22 tracks from 11 Steampunk bands, to which Steven has added a spoken-word version of the booklet and a short audio-advert for the GASP radio show.

Raising Steam II is currently being prepared, and will follow a similar pattern to the first download. 

Steven contributed a spoken word part to the song "In Contempt of Quinsy and Dropsy", from Ague, available through CDBaby . 

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The Launch of The Heart's Cog Imperative took place in Reading on Saturday 7th March 2015. Steven was joined by Jane Setter and Gordon Stoker and music was provided by Crimson Clocks and Gladstone.

Southcart Books, Sci Fi Book event, September 14.

The launch event of The Automata Wars by LM Cooke

Dracula (reading the part of Harker)

Acting as MC for a Crimson Sky and Neo Deals gig, November 13.

4 Sci Fi Authors at Oxfam Books Reading, including LM Cooke.

Reading with Frances Hardinge at Oxfam Books Reading 

In addition to opening the Frances Hardinge event at the bookshop, Steven also brought Frances as a guest onto his radio show, CPR

Reading with Chris Davidson at Oxfam Books Reading